World’s End Radio #88: “The Rogue Traders”

Back from our break, we’re diving straight in with a super helping of miniature hobby activity. Warmachine Mk3, 40K Heresy releases, Age of Sigmar,… It’s all happening!

In addition to a huge catch-up on recent projects on and off the tables, we take a detailed look at the various methods for buying and selling pre-loved models. How do you get the best bang for your buck and avoid getting stuck with a dud deal? Listen in for the lowdown!

Intro & Show News (00:30)

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Hobby Update (01:05:07)

The 2nd Hand Miniature Market (02:00:51)

  • Whether you’re looking to offload some surplus minis or seeking to acquire some new troops on the cheap, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips & advice on navigating the used miniature marketplace.

Final Words (03:00:26)


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